To Teach is Human?

Forty years ago, in what is now known as the Central African Republic anthropologist Barry Hewlett noticed something that would make American parents shudder. When the nomadic Aka pygmies stopped to rest between hunts, parents would give their infants small axes, digging sticks and knives. Infants would play to learn how to use them. Despite […]

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Way back in the 1980s the US Secretary of Education Terrel Bell once said,  “There are three things to emphasize in teaching: The first is motivation, the second is motivation, and the third is (you guessed it) motivation.” (Terrel H. Bell, U.S. Secretary of Education, 1981-1985.)  If motivation is so important, then student success depends […]

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Harvard Research Reveals 2 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap

Teachers everywhere have heard about the achievement gap. It’s the gap in performance between African- American and Hispanic students and their white peers. The gap shows up in grades, standardized-test scores, course selection, dropout rates, and college-completion rates. And it gets worse… Stanford University just released a report based on data from over 200 million […]

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