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Class Hacker: Master the Invisible Forces that Make Learning Stick

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All Educators need this book by ! A complete & detailed guide to understanding Learning, & how to make it stick! So so so good!” – Tom Loud

After all these years, you might accept that student engagement just isn’t going to get any better.

You might even accept that students just aren’t motivated these days.

If you have ever found yourself thinking “They never prepared me for this!”

You are not alone.

But you won’t have to anymore…

The Truth About College Education Programs

If you have ever felt unprepared in the classroom, there’s a good reason for that.

Most education programs don’t prepare for the reality of the classroom.

Did you know that in recent poll an astonishing 90 percent of respondents thought that re-reading text was a “highly effective” study strategy?

Research done in both lab experiments and actual classes, shows this is a terrible way to learn material.

So why the misconception?

According to a 2016 report from the National Council on Teacher Quality, textbooks used in most education classes neglect what science knows about student learning.

The NCTQ reviewed 48 different education programs around the United States and what they found was striking.

Sixty percent of  textbooks contain zero information on the top six strategies that cognitive science has found to be the most effective.  And only 15% had more than one page on any of them.

There is a breakdown in the chain.

The transmission of knowledge – from researchers to publishers to professors to teachers – has failed.

In chapter 1 and 2 of the book Class Hacker, I lay out these six strategies and how to use them in class.

You’ll also learn:

  • What really makes learning stick.
  • The 3 processes of memory and how to hack them
  • How to fertilize your students’ brains so the learning grows better
  • Why even Harvard Medical School students fail to remember certain facts and What one Professor did to change that
  • The secret of University of Connecticut’s (and 11 time NCAA Champion) coach Geno Auriemma and how to use it in class
  • The truth about the Forgetting Curve and what you can do as a teacher to prevent it.

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

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Motivation, Engagement, and Closing the Achievement Gap

Up until now, I have only described actual learning. Teachers everywhere know that this is only half the battle.

Students have to first be motivated to learn.  They have to be engaged.  And there’s the Achievement Gap that doesn’t seem to be shrinking.

Don’t worry Class Hacker has you covered there too!

You’ll learn:

  • The Motivation Equation
  • The truth about paying students for grades
  • What Star Wars can teach us about student motivation
  • The single phrase that led to a 70% jump in student motivation
  • Two questions you have to answer that students subconsciously ask
  • The one trait that all successful people have in common – (and how to develop that skill)
  • How something called Thin slicing (probably not what you think) impacts students’ trust
  • The importance of teacher credibility, the Trust Gap, and the 2 characteristics that account for 90 percent of how students judge you
  • How both the Navy SEALs and the most successful high school football team ever use a similar motivation strategy (backed by science)


Here’s What Educators Like you said About the Book:


All Educators need this book by ! A complete & detailed guide to understanding Learning, & how to make it stick! So so so good!”

Here’s what some others have said on Amazon:

“This was a helpful book that provided real suggestions that are usable and can be quickly implemented into the classroom.”

“It is hard to find books in the field of education that are practical and have solid evidence-based foundation. David Palank manages to hit this great balance. Class Hacker manages to bring a solid and actionable body of knowledge that will improve your students’ learning.”

“It is awesome. The author mixes Scientific approach here with practical strategies that work.”

“The author has not only highlighted the problems but also has given the right guidelines to overcome. This book is simply awesome.”


                 Work Smarter. Not Harder. 

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