Engaging Students Everyday (Email Course)

The Engagement Checklist Course


Did you know?

Students won’t learn if they aren’t engaged.  There are 8 Qualities that engage students. Combine 3 of these in each lesson and you are guaranteed engagement!

Who is this course for?

Beginner and advanced teachers who want students to come to class motivated, focused, and ready to learn!

Educators who want to leave each day feeling fulfilled, satisfied, and energized.

Teachers who want actionable advice without putting in a whole lot of work.

Busy bees who have papers to grade, lessons to write, and other obligations.  Someone who might share the motto  Work Smarter, Not Harder! 

Who this course is not for?

Teachers who want disengaged, unmotivated, and unfocused students.

Teachers who want to keep the status quo and would rather complain than follow some simple steps to make themselves happier

Here’s What You Can Expect:


  1. Learn about a 3-second hack that engages the most disengaged students
  2. Discover the 8 Qualities that engage students
  3. Learn what to do to intrinsically motivate students
  4. Get actionable advice for each lesson
  5. Gain access to the PDF Checklist to plan your lessons
  6. Jump for Joy Everyday you Leave Class
  7. Learn how to motivate every student in your class
  8. And much, much, more!

    This course is based on the science of motivation and engagement.

These ideas have been tested and they work.

Learn how to motivate every student in your class

Work Smarter. Not harder.